Sunday, June 22, 2008

Welcome To Talkarama

Howdy!!! Welcome to Talkarama. This is my 'see I was just saying blog'. I'll post a variety of different things here, but Ill try to keep them topical and current. Product reviews and information on the latest and the greatest along with my personal vice,entertainment news. I know it's trivial but I love to find out what's going on with the hot and happening as well as the d-list denizens of the original H-Town, Hollywood. Obviously there aren't a lot of posts yet and as I am a prolific blogger, if I'm not posting here, rest assured I'm posting somewhere so feel free to check out my other blogs. First of, please let me apologize for any and all ltypos up front. I can all but guarantee that I will make a number of them While I am a stellar speller, I am not a great typist.

Below is a list of my blogs. Check'em out and let meknow what you think, I love feedback. Some are updated more frequestly than others but I will eventually get around to getting them all done.

Manifest Mindset
AC Gazette
Tales From My Grayspace
Teen Help Site
The Gas Saver

Thanks for coming by, I appreciate each and every one of you and I look forward to a long and interesting friendship.

My best to you,


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